Told you so: Local residents are paying a high price for the state govt. turning a blind eye to ominous warnings


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This fortnight, a downer from down under where Paris compliant targets have been diluted, while Trump continues his “coal war” allowing states to opt out of norms altogether. Back home, Kerala flood, the big climate story, is unearthing “deep rooted” policy mistakes, now a recurring theme. While the National Clean Air Plan is awaited, in the industrial heartland of Singrauli data secrecyis killing the residents in plain view. Yet, renewables markets and targets are setting new trends, electric mobility in India is inching towards more affordability and longer driving range – steadily eroding fossil fuels’ share of the energy mix.

Here’s what we shouldn’t miss:

Worst flood in 100 yrs: Kerala warnings ‘brushed aside’

Kerala is witnessing a “man-made disaster” that was waiting to happen: 2011 Gadgil report found “most vulnerable zones” in Kerala. A 2014 study of rainfall data blamed global warming, a 2017 study held deforestation responsible. “Knowing full-well what was to come”, state was forced to open shutters of 35 of 39 dams. Extensive quarrying, high rises (for tourism), forest land acquisition by private parties, were factors state brushed aside.

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