Everyone’s feeling it: NSW’s drought has forced even its hardy wildlife to seek out food and water at unlikely places
Image credit: ABC.net.au

Broken Hill plagued by emus as they head into town in search of food, water

As Australian drought worsens, hundreds of Emus have taken over the small mining town of Broken Hill in western New South Wales. The large birds can be seen eating gardens plants and gate-crashing football matches in search of food and water.

Kerala floods: Extreme rain, massive deforestation

Climate change has delivered a chilling reminder: Kerala saw 42% more rain than would be expected. Similar levels were seen during Hurricane Harvey when over 1,500mm of rain fell on Houston during one storm. Kerala’s monster monsoon (488 deaths) has raised a deluge of questionsLarge-scale deforestation over the past 40 years has left the state with only 17-18% forest cover.

CO2 emissions reducing global human nutrition

50 million people in India — the largest number anywhere in the world — could face zinc, iron and protein deficiency due to dipping crop quality as CO2 levels rise. The Harvard study says CO2 will surpass 550 ppm in the next 30-80 years, reducing protein, iron and zinc contents by 3-17%. Meanwhile, Asia’s meat and seafood demand may rise by 78% by 2050, increasing greenhouse gas emissions and antibiotics used in foods.

Won’t offer credibility to climate change deniers

Prominent thinkers pledged not to take part in debates over whether climate change is “real”. “If ‘balance’ means giving voice to those who deny the reality of human-triggered climate change, we will not take part in the debate,” say 60 leading politicians and academics.

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