Hiding the culprit: The re-expansion of the ozone hole has been traced to the illegal use of CFC-11 in China

China’s ozone-eating housing foam

‘Decarbonization, only way forward’

The head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said the upcoming special 1.5 degree report will provide clear evidence that development based upon decarbonisation is the only path left to prosperous future,

Ozone depleting gases being illegally used in China

A massive spike in ozone-depleting CFC-11 has been detected after the illegal gas has been found being used in China’s home construction industry as insulating foam. CFC-11 was banned in China in 2010.

‘Climate change to lower living standards of 50% Indians’

New World Bank study says climate change will lower standards of living of nearly half of Indian population by 2050. Worst affected will be Chhattisgarh and MP.  Seven of 10 most affected districts will belong to Vidarbha, Maharashtra. 30% action could halt the decline in living standards by almost 1% from -2. 8%.

Water crisis “greater than a drought”

A recent ground report on Maharashtra water crisis says the historic Ramkunda ghat of Godavari has dried out “for the first time in 139 years.” The villagers are keeping the reservoir alive by pouring water from 60-90 tankers a day “into a river.” Experts say the crisis is greater than a drought, a result of  “20 years of deforestation, extensive damming of rivers, tourism, and construction.”

Bengal to release Climate action plan

IIT Bombay scientists are helping West Bengal to release climate action plan by August. The plan will aid government departments with climate-friendly policy and account for greenhouse gas concentrations over time till year 2100. Country-wide state-level adaptation plans are the biggest need of the hour.

“Biblical” Japan floods, worried over approaching hurricane Maria

Record torrential rains lashed Japan unleashing floods and landslides, killing over 100. The event was unlike anything they had seen before. Analysts said, “as a consequence of warming, frequency of heavy rain-linked disasters is on the rise, and we are facing the world where the rules learnt from your experiences no longer apply.” Approaching hurricane Maria could worsen the situation.

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