At Davos 2018, world leaders would be wise to stress on climate action

Climate Change ‘biggest threat’ says PM, extreme weather ‘top global risk’, Egypt’s ancient treasures at climate risk

PM: Climate Change, protectionism greatest risks

Prime Minister Modi in his Davos speech said Climate Change was one of the greatest threatsthe world faces today. ‘Everyone talks about carbon emissions but very few help developing countries with appropriate technology’, he said as he slammed ‘selfish’ protectionism

Extreme weather, climate change, ‘top 2018 risks’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) kicked off in Davos. The WEF Global Risks Report 2018says extreme storms and droughts, and natural disasters are posing serious threat. 2017 was the most expensive hurricane season, flooding hit millions in South Asia, wild fires raged, 2016 displaced 31 million people: 75% were extreme weather refugees.

2017 was hottest year without El Nino

2017 was one of the top three hottest years on record. While 2016 still holds the world record, 2017 was the warmest year without an El Niño event, which is associated with above normal global annual temperatures.

Climate change threatens Egypt’s ancient monuments

Erratic weather due to climate change is threatening Egypt’s ancient treasures, eroding the ancient stones. Experts say, the monuments survived thousands of years of war, and theft but, “the splendours of ancient Egypt might have finally met their match: climate change.”

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