Puerto Rico is grappling with an acute humanitarian crisis in the wake of Hurricane Maria

Climate Change Now: Puerto Rico waits for essential supplies from ‘inefficient’ Trump govt.

12 days after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, the survivors continue to face an acute shortage of essentials: food, water, fuel, medicine, power and currency. It’s a full-fledged humanitarian crisis compounded by a slow response by the Trump administration. Experts say Puerto Ricans are ‘living climate change right now’.

Tesla ships batteries

Around 97% of Puerto Rico remains without power. Tesla is lending a hand by sending hundreds of its Powerwall systems to supply energy. The island’s hospitals are struggling to keep generators running with limited diesel. Tesla’s batteries can be paired with solar panels to store electricity for the island, whose energy grid may need 6 months to be fully repaired.

Trump spats with outspoken Mayor Cruz

Puerto Rico’s outspoken Mayor’s appeals to the ‘inefficient’ Trump administration went viral as Trump got into in a cantankerous spat with San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz. In a tweet, he referred to her as “politically motivated ingrates”.

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