Not the kind of record we need: The LPG tanker that sailed through the Arctic sea unaided - in winter

CLIMATE CHANGE: Thinning sea ice, first ship crosses Arctic in winter, EU’s new policy: no Paris deal, no trade

Global Warming: First ship crosses Arctic in winter

Amid concerns over thinning polar ice due to climate change, the ship Eduard Toll carrying liquefied natural gas, became the first commercial vessel to cross the Arctic alone during the winter months. As global warming leads to melting of Arctic ice, the area is becoming accessible to ships for the first time. Sea ice fell to its lowest level since human civilization began. Climate scientists are against the opening of the northern route and exploitation of polar resources.

No Paris pact, no trade deal with the EU

Want to trade with EU, ratify Paris climate accord, that’s the new Brussels policy. The EU said the new policy will apply to the upcoming deals with Mexico, the South American trade bloc Mercosur, and to post-Brexit trade deal with the UK. The new rules leave future trade deal with the US, under Trump, off the table. Trump has indicated that he will not sign up to the deal to cut greenhouse emissions.

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