The summit saw India reiterating its commitment to combating climate change

#ClimateAction: India ready to finance carbon capture technology for all, ‘firms not interested’

  • Goyal: companies want to sell climate technology for a profit
  • Minister: Seeking low cost financing to scale up renewables in India
  • Government to standardise specifications for EV charging stations

At the recently concluded Business Climate Summit in New Delhi, minister Piyush Goyal said businesses are profiting over climate change which is not in the right the spirit.

He added that the country was engaging with universities across the globe to develop carbon capture technology and open up the technology to all. “However, this idea did not find takers as companies wanted to sell technology for a profit,” he said.

Goyal also said the government was working on a mechanism to standardise specifications for EV charging stations, and seeking low cost financing to scale up renewable energy capacity in India.

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