India and Southeast Asia are set to lead world coal consumption through 2040

Coal rises in India, phasing out in West, India will ‘lead world coal through 2040’

Coal imports will jump and India and Southeast Asia will drive global demand through 2040 as China cuts use of the fossil fuel to fight pollution, forecasts from the IEA and Wood Mackenzie show. Imports into South Asia, which includes India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, will rise to 284 million tonnes, up 72% during the same period. Coal’s demand outlook remains bright until at least 2025, unless renewables and batteries become costcompetitive.

25 tonnes a minute, coal is choking Goa

The Indian Express investigation has revealed that the Big Three – Jindal, Adani and Vedanta – who transport coal from Mormugao Port on three key routes, have left a devastating trail of health hazards and environmental damage. Nearly 25 million tonnes of coal – equivalent to a 3 km high toxic black mountain – will be unloaded each year at the Mormugao Port Trust by 2020. By 2030, this is slated to double to up to 51.6 million tonnes each year.

One in seven coal plant owners ‘fully or partially phased out plants’ between 2010-17

The ‘first ever’ global survey of coal phase out plans, by data trackers Coal Swarm, revealed two different trajectories as the industry collapses in the west, but grows on in Asia. Globally, the International Energy Agency’s report found investments in coal power down by 20%, with money flowing increasingly toward lower-cost solar, wind, and natural gas. A US study found that investment in coal mining and coal power by private funds in North America “has completely dried up”.

Italy proposes phasing out coal power plants by 2025

Italy has plans to phase out coal power plants by 2025. Italy’s biggest utility Enel has said it will not invest in new coal-fired power plants. Canada, France and the UK have also pledged to end coal fired power generation.

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