March 2019: Delhi is set to induct several all-electric buses into its city fleet, with trial runs starting this month
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Electric buses: Delhi govt. to set up charging infrastructure

The Delhi government will release its first lot of electric buses in March. Officials from the transport department will now begin selecting sites for charging stations. Trial runs of electric busses will begin this October. A previous trial of a Chinese electric bus revealed a lower operating cost compared to CNG-run busses. Bus depots at six locations for the 1,000 electric buses are in the offing.

Incentives for EVs powered by lead-acid batteries withdrawn

The Centre has withdrawn incentives available under FAME I to two- and three-wheelers run on lead-acid batteries and all vehicles that do not need to be registered – from October 1. Instead, the funds will be used to support domestic manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries.

However, benefits to all other EVs under FAME I have been extended till March 31, 2019, unless the scheme is replaced before the date by FAME II, which may offer benefits of up to Rs5,500 crores.

Tata Power, HPCL to jointly set up charging stations

Tata Power and state oil firm Hindustan Petroleum will together set up EV charging stations across India, as they get ‘future ready’ and tap growth in EV charging and storage.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra plans to set up 500 EV chargers across the state in 3-4 years, costing around Rs 2.5 lakh each. It also  plans to  get 1,000 electric vehicles to be used by the government in the next one year.

JSW plans to make electric car worth Rs.12-15 lakh

General Motors will sell its last remaining car plant in Pune to Sajjan Jindal’s JSW for about ₹ 3,500 crore and completely exit the India market. JSW plans to make electric cars at the plant in Talegaon, near Pune, and sell them for Rs12-15 lakh each.

Paris Auto Show: Audi, Mercedes electric cars to challenge Tesla

The Paris Auto Show opens on October 4, with Audi and Mercedes electric car debutants threatening Tesla Model S and Model X. But it may not be a fast ride to the top for electric cars as  Morgan Stanley cut its forecast for their global sales to 9.6% in 2025 from the previous 9.7%, while its prediction for 2030 has been hauled back to 23.1% from 26%.

EU to set  CO2 standards on cars, vans

The European Union (EU) will decide on CO2 standards for cars and vans. This is part of its larger plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 or even earlier. This will have a big impact on the EU’s ability to stay ahead in the global race to a clean transport future, the health of EU citizens and the environment, experts said.

Top German automakers halt sales of some plug-in hybrid cars amidst new EU emission norms

Volkswagen AG, BMW AG,  and Daimler AG-owned Mercedes-Benz have halted sales of their plug-in hybrid cars in Europe in the wake of new emission regulations. The new Worldwide Harmonized Light Duty Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) regime, which came into effect on September 1, gives higher CO2 readings than the old New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) system, pushing vehicles into a higher tax bracket. This has prompted some automakers from withholding some non-conforming vehicles from their showrooms.

Germany to miss target of one million EVs by 2020

Germany will miss its target of having 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2020 by two years, German chancellor Angela Merkel said. The one billion euro ($1.2 billion) subsidies to push electric vehicles’ may have boosted sales, but cannot go on forever, Merkel said. The subsidy helped more than double sales last year.

 California to almost double EV subsidy

California is set to decide on increasing its current $2,500 EV subsidy to $4,500 for each pure electric vehicle sold in the state, even as customers from Tesla and GM face the loss of even bigger federal credits. The federal government now offers a $7,500 tax credit on electric vehicles sold.

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