Dragging its feet on wooing Tesla may have cost India an opportunity to kickstart its EV industry

Why Tesla chose China over India, Tata’s ebuses run in Assam

‘Ignoring overtures’ from India, Tesla plans to set up its electric car factory in Shanghai by the end of the year. Transport minister Nitin Gadkari had offered land near ports to Tesla to set up a factory and an export base, but Tesla has not responded officially. Prime Minister Modi had also visited Tesla’s factory in California, in 2015. Analysts believe that the tweets by Elon Musk highlight the problem: India is seemingly slow, and unresponsive.

As per IEA, in 2016, 450 electric cars, less than a 1% of the market, hit Indian roads. India currently has about 350 charging points while China had about 215,000 installed at the end of 2016.

Octillion to open EV battery factory in India

The US-based company plans to establish a $15 million advanced EV battery manufacturing facility in Pune, which is expected to create 500 new jobs in the next three years.

Ashok Leyland to invest 400-500 cr on EVs over 3-5 yrs

The company is developing high-speed fast charging buses, buses which can be charged overnight, and battery swapping technology with Sun Mobility to address concerns over the limited range of electric vehicles.

Automakers push for humble delivery vans

In the rush toward electric vehicles, automakers are aiming for electrification of the humble delivery van. Given lingering concerns about purchasing cost and charging infrastructure, many feel it may take a decade for EVs to win over mainstream car owners.

Toyota scrambles to ready ‘game-changer’ EV battery

Toyota is racing to commercialize a battery breakthrough in early 2020s with the potential to drastically cut the cost of manufacturing electric cars. All solid-state battery technology is a next-generation, high-capacity energy storage device that improves on today’s lithiumion batteries, replacing the liquid or gel-form electrolyte with a solid, conductive material.

Tata Motors begins Electric Bus pilot-runs in Guwahati

Tata, who bagged a 350 units order from the EESL to supply e-cars earlier this month, have signed an agreement with the Assam State Transport Corporation to run 9 meter long e-buses that can carry 26-34 passengers.

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