Profiting from denial? Exxon allegedly covered up the threat of global warming

#ExxonKnew: Oil giant Exxon misled people for 40 yrs on climate change: Harvard study

  • Exxon accepted man-made climate change studies internally, while ‘casting doubt in ads’
  • 17 state attorney generals to probe if Exxon broke consumer protection laws
  • Exxon ads overwhelmingly ‘promoted doubt’ about Greenhouse effect

Exxon Mobil Corp. misled the public for 40 years about climate change, even as its own scientists concluded that man-made global warming was a serious threat, according to Harvard University researchers.

The researchers alleged that Exxon Mobil contributed to advancing climate science – by way of its scientists’ academic publications – but deliberately promoted doubt about it in its advertorials.

Exxon, one of the world’s largest producers of fuels responsible for climate change, produces 10 million gallon of gasoline and other fuels every hour.

Exxon rejected the charge and instead alleged that the Harvard researchers were looking for money.

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