Are they coming back? Bringing back gas-guzzlers could derail any hope of climate action by the Trump administration

US states to fight clean car standards rollback;

Villagers desperately short on safe drinking water blame Adani-operated coal mine

Residents of Parsa (Chhattisgarh) have blamed Adani Mining for completely depleting the village’s groundwater reserves – to supply water to its neighboring coal mine. They also say the firm now supplies them with drinking water that is too contaminated for consumption.

The mine lies in the Parsa East & Kenta Basen (PEKB) block, which was opened for mining in 2013 despite specific recommendations not to do so.

US states vow to fight rollback of fuel efficiency standards

19 US states – including California – have vowed to fight the Trump administration’s proposed rollback of US automotive fuel efficiency standards. The standards were set by the Obama administration to reduce vehicular emissions and fight climate change. The rollback is intended to help US automakers make cheaper, less fuel-efficient vehicles and earn more profits.

Fossil fuel funding remains strong despite growing abandonment of coal

new report shows fossil fuel projects in Africa are receiving up to 60% in funding from developed nations. Renewables on the other hand attracted just 18% of the funds. Several Chinese banks are also actively financing coal-fired power in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

However UK based Lloyds Banking Group has announced it will stop financing any new coal-fired power or thermal coal mining. The bank now joins Swiss RE (Switzerland), Allianz(Germany), Axa (France), Lloyd’s of London (UK) and Dai-Ichi & Nippon Life Insurance (Japan) in terminating coal-related financing. Each entity has cited its commitment to climate action for its decisions.

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