Throwing open possibilities: Foxconn's customisable MIH platform could lower EV prices by offering a simple framework on which to build newer software and hardware configurations | Photo: Auto Evolution

Foxconn developing “the Android of electric vehicles”

Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group is reportedly developing a new software and hardware platform for electric vehicles that will be customisable to meet different automakers’ unique designs. Dubbed the “MIH” platform by the popular manufacturer of iPhones, it is being touted as the “Android of electric vehicles” in reference to Google’s Android operating system — which dominates smartphone interfaces and offers significant scope for customisation

The platform, if widely adopted, could help lower EV manufacturers’ product development costs as a flexible hardware and software platform could be tweaked to incorporate successive iterations, instead of having to develop vehicles from the ground up. Foxconn says the MIH platform was conceived not just for profit, but also to accelerate the global electric mobility transition. 

GM resurrects Hummer in all-electric, 350 mile-range avatar

General Motors (GM) has resurrected the gas-guzzling Hummer SUV with an all-electric drivetrain, and each of the vehicle’s four models will come equipped with battery packs capable of driving 350 miles or more on a single charge. The Hummer was discontinued in 2010 as its enormously heavy body and large engine gave it one of the worst fuel efficiencies of all SUVs on sale at the time. 

The electric iteration will have zero on-road emissions, will be able to be charged to full capacity in less than 40 minutes and will enter production in late 2021 with GM’s Ultium battery technology. The automaker has claimed that its Ultium EV batteries will last for more than a million miles under real-world driving conditions. 

More than 50% of children in the UK want parents to buy electric cars or hybrids

Around 67.8% of the 1,250 children between the ages of seven and 12 responded to a survey by Peugeot by saying that they believed “electric and hybrid vehicles were better for the planet”, and over half of the parents surveyed said their children have urged them to opt for these vehicles for their next purchase. The survey also revealed that 72% of the parents in the UK consulted with their children when deciding about major new purchases, such as a car, which could be a positive sign for the country’s e-mobility targets.

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