Easing into the limelight: EVs seem to be ready to leap forward in India with policy support gathering pace
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Government Approves ₹55 Billion subsidies for EVs

Centre approved ₹55 billion ($0.78 billion) subsidy under the second phase of Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid and) Electric Vehicles FAME program. FAME II will back all types of EVs for 5 years but not hybrids. BNEF study says subsidy will center on public transport and “fleet operations”.

NITI MOVEs to chalk out electric mobility plan

Centre’s leading think tank NITI Aayog has assured of “a comprehensive zero-emission electric mobility policy” ahead of its global mobility summit on Sep 7: Over 1,200 participants include government and industry leaders, academia, and civil society organisations. “The idea is to bring India on the frontline of digitally-shared, zero-emission mobility.” Strong policy push will be crucial to build the critical mass needed to bring about change.

Delhi’s Electric car push, EV policy

Delhi government is set to give 100% road tax exemption to EV buyers, that’s around Rs 70,000 on purchase of Rs 10 lakh electric. Delhi will give incentives to replace old vehicle and charging stations across the city. The “comprehensive electric vehicle policy will be made public very soon.”

Electric Vehicles “will come suddenly”, California EV sales up 6%

Last year over 10 countries, including India, announced plans to ditch fossil fuel cars for EVs. Experts say we may be years away from true EV adoption, but we are definitely getting closer. “Consumer choice matters, need cost-competitive models…there’s incredible number of models coming in early-to-mid 2020s”. EVs were 6.2% of all vehicle sales in California in first half of 2018. Consumers buy a million EVs every six months.

NTPC, GAIL charging station ventures

Providing much needed EV infrastructure, state power firm NTPC commissioned its first EV charging station in Visakhapatnam to switch to electric mobility.

Meanwhile, GAIL India, country’s largest gas company, plans to set up EV charging stations at CNG dispensing stations. GAIL said its “pan-India gas network is deep-pocketed and has the capability of setting up charging infrastructure at a faster pace.”

Maharashtra to switch to electric buses

Maharashtra plans to switch from CNG and diesel to EVs. The initial plan is to transform MSRTC buses that will run from Pune-Mumbai, Mumbai-Nashik and Pune-Nashik; these will be manufactured by domestic automobile companies. Across the Atlantic, Brazilian beer maker Ambev plans to add 1,600 Volkswagen electric trucks to its fleet, making it the largest fleet of its kind in Brazil.

Can Electric Cars Make China This Century’s Detroit?

China EVs and plug-in hybrids sale rose by about half in 2017, while electric-only sales roughly doubled. For the first time, electric-only global car sales exceeded 1 million; China accounted for over half and is targeting 7 million by 2025. Meanwhile, cumulative passenger EV sales set to hit 4 million this weekCan EVs make China a global motor hub? Vehicle sales there outstripped the U.S. by 68% in 2017.

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