Entry allowed: Lithium will soon be removed from the restricted list of minerals that private miners are forbidden to mine.

Govt keen to allow pvt miners to extract lithium for green technologies

Private miners may soon be able to extract lithium for battery production. The Indian government is trying to change a law that will allow private miners to do this in a bid to boost self-sufficiency with regards to green technologies. Lithium is an important component of batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage. According to the government’s plan, eight minerals will be removed from the restricted list that private miners are forbidden to mine from. These include lithium, zirconium and beryllium. 

Ola to let go of 1,000 employees as it shifts focus towards electric mobility

In the backdrop of plans to expand its electric mobility business, Ola is set to fire 1,000 employees, ET Energy world reported. It quoted executives as saying the mobility firm is hiring “aggressively” for its electric mobility vertical, and cuts are expected in other verticals including hyperlocal, mobility, fintech and the company’s used car business. An employee was quoted as saying the company was deliberately delaying appraisals of those it wants to fire so that they quit voluntarily. 

Goa becomes first state to discontinue subsidy for electric vehicles

Goa became the first state in India to discontinue electric vehicle subsidies. The Department of New & Renewable Energy, Government of Goa, recently issued a notice saying the subsidies will be discontinued starting July 31, 2022. 

The subsidy amount was capped at Rs30,000 per vehicle for two-wheelers, Rs60,000 per vehicle for three-wheelers and Rs3 lakh per vehicle for four-wheelers, according to the Goa Electric Mobility Policy, first introduced in December 2021. The policy also capped the number of electric vehicles eligible for the subsidy—3,000 two-wheelers, 50 three-wheelers and 300 four-wheelers. 

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