Pumping up: India has a target of producing 5 million tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030 | Photo: BW Businessworld

India sets up first green hydrogen plant in Assam

Government-owned Oil India Limited commissioned India’s first pure green hydrogen plant that can produce 10 kg per day in Jorhat, Assam. The green hydrogen will be generated from a 500 KW solar power plant running a 100 KW Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolyser array, reported web portal Mercom.

The company expects to increase production of green hydrogen from 10 kg per day to 30 kg a day in future. India has a target of producing 5 millions tonnes of green hydrogen by 2030.

Solar imports jumped 210% before BCD kicked in

Solar module imports jumped 210% from 3.13 GW in Q1 2021 to 9.7 GW in Q1 2022 ahead of the imposition of Basic Customs duty on April 1. Mercom reported that developers say it will take time for local manufacturing capacity to ramp up and attain efficiency and quality compared to imported equipment. 

Cost of modules from China jumped 40% after the BCD was imposed. Jinks solar was the top supplier during the quarter, while TRINA, LONGI and Canadian solar were other top suppliers, Mercom reported. 

Green hydrogen cost drops lower than hydrogen from natural gas for the first time

The record rise in natural gas prices has made green hydrogen cost cheaper than hydrogen produced using natural gas for the first time. Hydrogen experts at BloombergNEF calculated that “one kilogram of grey hydrogen [made with natural gas] currently costs $6.71 in parts of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, compared to $4.84-$6.68 per kilogram for green hydrogen”. 

27 states and UTs behind schedule to meet 2022 renewable energy target: Ember

Global think-tank Ember published a study that says four Indian states have already surpassed 2022 renewable energy targets. India planned to touch 125 GW by 2022. The report also said that other 27 states are not even half through their RE targets and require big steps to achieve their target.

According to the Ember report, India has installed 110 GW of renewable energy by March 2022. Rajasthan and Gujarat deployed the highest number of RE power in the past 6 months.