India’s eyeing it: Lithium and cobalt mines will be key assets driving India’s ambitious EV transition

India to acquire Lithium, Cobalt assets abroad

NITI Aayog to host global EV summit in September

September 7-8, PM will inaugurate MOVE, India’s first ‘Global Mobility Summit’. Niti Aayog will host the summit in collaboration with various ministries and industry partners, to drive vehicle electrification, renewable integration and jobs. Over 1,200 participants: international state and industry leaders, think tank and civil society organisations will attend.

India’s Lithium and Cobalt plans abroad

India is set to join the global scramble for lithium and cobalt mines abroad, with China already in substantial lead. The “strategic minerals” are critical battery elements for mobiles to EVs. Three state-owned mineral companies Nalco, HCL, MECL will jointly acquire assets abroad in partnership with private firms. Niti Ayog is formalising the proposal. Niti Aayog CEO said battery storage is the future.

EV targets for state public transport, ‘shift’ not before 2026?

Centre is planning to set targets for state public transporters for a percentage of EVs in their future orders. For private buyers, “market forces should decide” is government position. India’s less than 1.5 lakh EVs are projected to grow to 5% by 2022. Niti Aayog CEO said “Only by 2026 EV cost will be at par with combustion vehicles…India will make incremental shift to EVs.”

Fortum’s EV charging stations in Hyderabad

Backed by incentives from Telangana government, Finland state firm Fortum set up two EV charging stations at Indian Oil outlets for public in Hyderabad. The chargers would be “expanded to 50 in two years and 150-200 in the country.”

Tata utility proposes EV charging category

Tata has proposed to Maharashtra power regulator a new category for ‘electric vehicle’ (EV) charging. Tata proposed to reduce tariff for high-end consumers by up to 20% and increasing rates for low-end residential users by 7%.

Oil giant BP buys UK’s largest charging firm Chargemaster

Oil giant BP is buying UK’s largest electric charging network, Chargemaster, for £130m. Earlier BP said EVs in the UK are set to grow from 135,000 at present to 12 million by 2040. Last year rival Shell bought car charging company NewMotion. Chargemaster currently has 6,500 charging points.

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