Hollow promises: Only 23 of the 200 countries that signed the Glasgow agreement have updated their 2030 climate plans. Photo: Dati Bendo_WikimediaCommons

Most govts failed to deliver on commitments made at COP26

Most governments failed to live up to their COP26 commitments made in Glasgow last year. All countries promised to strengthen their 2030 climate goals at the climate summit in 2021 and align national goals with Paris Agreement goals. However, only 23 of the 200 countries that signed the Glasgow agreement have updated their 2030 climate plans.

Most adaptation finance pledges made at COP26 also remained undelivered ahead of the next summit. As of September, 22, 2022, pledges made by the US, the UK, European Commission, Spain and Canada remain undelivered. So around $230 million is outstanding out of the $356 million that was pledged i.e. 65% is yet to be delivered.  

Govt to launch single-window system by year-end to expedite green nod for infra projects

All environment, forest, wildlife and coastal regulation zone clearances in India will get a faster single-window system by the end of the year. The Union environment ministry said it was launching the system to reduce the amount of time taken to get a green nod for infrastructure projects. A system called Parivesh already exists for such clearances, but the government will launch Parivesh 2.0, which will cut short the time taken to give green nods by allowing a project steering committee consisting of state and central officials to assess the project at the same time.  

MGNREGS will fund Indian govt’s efforts to reverse desertification across states

The Indian government, which is looking to reverse desertification in the country, is looking to the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) to fund the endeavour. The employment scheme will converge with the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana for the task. According to the government’s 2021 Desertification and Land Degradation Atlas, at least 30% of land in India falls under the “degraded land” category, a majority of which is being seen in states such as Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat and Goa.  

Vanuatu calls for global treaty to phase out fossil fuels

At the UN General Assembly held this past weekend, the Pacific island of Vanuatu pushed for a global treaty to phase out fossil fuels. Vanuatuan president Nikenike Vurobaravu also called for “a global just transition for every worker, community and nation with fossil fuel dependence”. He also urged other nations to join efforts to make ecocide a crime punishable by the international criminal court.