Automakers seem to be have realised that the Indian EV sector will be the next big profit hub

New building norms reserve 20% parking space for EV chargers

In a huge push for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the Centre has released its latest building guidelines – which require that residential and commercial buildings reserve 20% of their parking space as EV charging facilities. The new rules will also apply to restaurants.

Incentives for makers and buyers proposed to push EVs in India

A Central government panel has proposed 2-way incentives for carmakers, as well as buyers of electric vehicles as part of a “mega plan” to push electric mobility in the country. For the manufacturers, the panel has recommended a lower customs duty on components and a lower GST rate. The buyers on the other hand would be offered differential registration rates and exemption from road taxes and parking charges – if the plan gets the final nod.

Norway: Hybrids & EVs accounted for more than 50% of all new cars sold in 2018

The Norwegian Road Federation has claimed that in 2018, more than 50% of all new cars sold in the country were either EVs or plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). The figure is a jump from 39% in 2017 and is attributed to the incentives EV owners enjoy – including zero registration fees and free parking at some urban facilities.

However, access to adequate private charging points is still remains a concern with Norwegians, with EV owners cagey about their reliance on shared public facilities.

GM, Tesla request Congress to extend tax credits on EVs, Big Oil launches anti-EV offensive

General Motors is reportedly lobbying the US Congress to extend the $7,500 tax credit on its EVs after it hit the Congress-set target of 200,000 electric vehicles per manufacturer by the end of 2018. Tesla too has requested an extension after reaching the target way back in July last year.

Major oil firms have meanwhile launched a social media offensive against burgeoning US EV sales, claiming that the country now had so much oil that there was no need for Americans to drive EVs to save on fuel. They are also influencing states to not oppose the Trump administration’s proposed rollback of automotive fuel standards, and are trying to get all tax credits for EVs abolished.

Tesla breaks ground for $5 billion EV factory in China

Tesla has broken ground for its $5 billion Gigafactory in China – which is expected to produce 500,000 EVs per year. The local factory will most importantly protect Tesla from China’s high EV import tariffs.

Meanwhile, back in the US, Tesla’s mass-market Model 3 has finally attained consistent levels of production, with over 150,000 units built in 2018. Unlike China’s huge state support to EVs, Tesla has scripted the Model 3’s production success in the US without direct state support, This is significant not just for the firm, but for the US’ overall EV transition, especially when faced with stiff opposition from the pro-fossil fuels federal government.

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