There's no normal: Satellite captures 3 hurricanes & coast-to-coast smoke from forest fires

Recipe for Disaster? Hot Atlantic churns back-to-back hurricanes

The Caribbean island of Dominica has been hit by Maria, a Category 5 storm. Dominica’s prime minister was rescued after the roof of his residence was torn off. An overheated Atlantic is churning back-to-back hurricanes drowning the US into a national crisis. After the most costly Harvey wreaked Texas, Irma forced over 6 million people to flee Florida in the US’s biggest evacuation. Before that, Irma pulverised the Caribbean islands, making all the residents of Barbuda homeless, its offshore winds pushed the ocean completely out of sight in the Bahamas and flattened the forests in the US Virgin Islands. Barbuda was battered again by a third hurricane Jose, which is now aimed for NYC.

Database of Deniers

But this hasn’t changed President Trump’s view on global warming, and his EPA chief thinks it’s not the time to discuss climate change. The defiant Republican mayor of Miami slammed Trump for ignoring climate change and former President Bush’s EPA chief went public to explain how not to run the EPA. Experts say the extreme events have been exacerbated by climate change. Even as the EPA systematically deletes the phrase ‘climate change’ from grants proposals, those who believe in science are keeping a close watch and even maintaining a public database of climate deniers.

Hotter Years, more fires

Greenhouse gases are increasing temperatures, which is increasing the evaporation rate of soils, drying out vegetation, creating ample fuel for fires. The West is seeing trends toward more large wildfires burning more acres with longer fire seasons.

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