Waiving off of inter-state transmission charges could help bring down RE tariffs even further

RENEWABLES: Boost to solar, wind projects, key state charges dropped, ISA’s 120 projects, China sues US at WTO over tariffs

Setback to coal power?

In a major boost to solar and wind power, Centre waived off inter-state transmission charges till March 2022, making the projects even more attractive for developers. “No transmission charges and losses levied” will draw more bidders. Low solar and wind tariffs have already reached grid-parity, threatening thermal power.

100% renewable ‘in 20-25 yrs’

International group Energy Transition Committee (ETC) has said India, with right policy, will transit to 100% renewables in 20-25 years. ETC is helping India redesign coal-centric policies, and decarbonise manufacturing sectors.

Ratings: Renewables stable, thermal power negative

Rating agency India Rating has upgraded outlook on wind power to stable from negative for FY19, but negative for thermal power blaming it on uncertain power purchase agreements. The agency says renewable energy bids, driven by Centre, are becoming favourable to developers.

121 projects of International Solar Alliance

The first International Solar Alliance summit (March 11, Delhi) is expected to launch 121 solar projects across 121 sunshine-rich member countries. The India-France brainchild has mobilised demand (not purchase) for 464,000 of 500,000 solar pumps for farmers in India, Bangladesh, Uganda and Mauritius, to attract industry. The ISA awareness fund is backed by EU (370,000 euros), World Bank ($500,000), India ($18 million), and non-member China ($1 million).

WTO: China sues the US over import tariffs

Ready with its own protectionist 30% tax on solar imports, Trump is blocking India at WTO over its safeguard duties, but there is no escape from China ire, the solar equipment giant, along with Taiwan and S Korea, has demanded compensation from the US for proposing tariffs ‘against’ WTO rules.

Tamil Nadu: clean energy ‘world leader’ stuck with ‘expensive’ coal

A new study says Tamil Nadu will soon be global leader in wind power, but it must abandon coal. ‘By 2027’ over 50% of Tamil Nadu’s power will be emission free. TN has 7.85GW wind power, more than Denmark, over the next decade, renewable energy would account for 67% of state’s capacity, study says. The report argues that the state’s coal power is likely to be twice as expensive as solar or wind power, yet it has 22.5GW of coal power plants in the pipeline.

China avoids India tariffs, expands

Chinese solar panel manufacturer Longi Solar Technology will invest $309 million to expand manufacturing in India to avoid impact of proposed import duties in India (70%) and the US (30%). Cheap Chinese panels triggered a rapid global transition to renewables. As technology costs continue to drop, ‘reluctant’, Indonesian government has also become more supportive and conditions for investors there ‘are better now, than ever before’.

Solar connect: Uninterrupted power supply to 41 schools in Kerala

Kerala will provide non-stop solar power to 41 government/aided schools at the cost of Rs. 80,000 per 2kW unit to be met through MLA, MP, PTA funds, the rest of the expense would be borne by Agency for non-conventional energy and rural technology (ANERT).

100% cheap renewable energy for the world

Clean and healthy, Stanford study says the world can have un-interrupted 100% renewable energy for cheap, if we get to work. Stanford engineers have developed a new method of keeping the lights on by proposing three separate ways if the world transitions all its energy to 100 percent wind, water and sunlight.

ArcelorMIttal to set up 600 MW solar farm in Karnataka

Steel giant ArcelorMittal is planning to set up a 600 MW solar farm on land in Karnataka originally allotted to it for $6.5 billion steel plant. Last month ArcelorMittal took over Exosun, a French company that makes trackers for solar farms that allow solar panels to follow the sun’s path.

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