The problem's elsewhere: Global warming's risk to rice's nutrition spells big trouble for developing nations

Rice to lose nutrition to warming, poor at risk

Extreme heat to hit 142 Indian cities, 360 million people

New study says extreme heat will impact 360 million Indians and 142 Indian cities by 2050 if “emissions continue unchecked”. Cities including Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and Kolkata, will face extreme heat waves, flooding, droughts, water and food shortage.

Mumbai gets 438% excess rain in a single day

Mumbai received 438% excess rain in a single day, disrupting normal life. On June 24, suburban Mumbai received 31.7 mm rainfall: 18% in excess of what it usually receives. Scientists have linked the sudden heavy rainfall trend to the warming of the western Indian Ocean, and warned the government earlier.

Rice to lose nutrition to warming, poor at risk

Rice, the staple food for over 3 billion people, will become less nutritious by 2100, because of climate change. “Rice grown at the concentrations of atmospheric CO2 expected to reach by 2100 has lower levels of four key B vitamins.”

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