Zooming ahead: The developing world has now taken the lead on clean energy, despite stagnating financial aid from developed nations. | Image credit: thecommonwealth.org

Show me the money (at COP24) – or not

Ahead of the COP24, China is emerging as a new power broker. Whereas Poland’s energy ministry has explicitly opposed an increase in the EU 2030 emissions target. Even as EU Commission has been urged by several EU nations to lay out a net zero GHG emissions by 2050 pathway. Closer home, BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India, China) Ministerial meeting in India called upon richer countries to finalise a collective finance goal in time for a global stock-take in 2023. Meanwhile, Brazil withdrew its bid to host COP25 next year, Turkey bent on getting the ‘developing country’ status, and the possibility of US using COP24 as a venue for its vested interest, COP24 seems to be headed into rough waters. Yet as they say, Polish COPs are known for miracles, fingers crossed!

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