Desperation: India could be the worst hit in terms of water crises if global warming continues unabated

Study: Dismal water shortage in India’s major reservoirs

26 people were killed in dust storms and lightning that struck 11 districts in Uttar Pradesh. Two died in rain-related incidents in Maharashtra. A downpour in Mumbai disrupted rail and air traffic.

In just over 2 months, 50 storms in 16 states have left 500 dead, 1000 injured, 5000 houses collapsed. Experts attribute it to manmade rapid desertification (lack of green cover), excessive groundwater extraction, and extreme heat waves, and western disturbances.

Study: Dismal water shortage in India’s major reservoirs

Water levels in India’s major reservoirs are 10% lower than normal, and 50% deficient in Himachal Pradesh. The study, compiled from the secondary data, looks at the impact of climate change in shifting rainfall patterns, recurring droughts and water shortage incidents and the economic impact of water shortage on industries.

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