Environmental protestors make their presence felt at Bonn, even as US lobbyists press ahead for coal

UN Climate talks: Rich polluters spat with poorer countries, cities step up Climate action

In the latest UN climate talks in Bonn, trust deficit between the rich and poor countries widened. The big polluters – the US and Europe – refused to allow formal discussion on their pre-2020 promises to decarbonise, or provide funds to developing nations. The spat over the Paris rulebook threatens climate cooperation. Even as the EU downplays the divide, the UN chief fears the much needed $100 billion climate fund is far from guaranteed.

However, more ambitious pledges to decarbonise are coming from the states and cities of the US and Europe. India and China showed they would achieve their Paris targets ahead of their deadlines.

Meanwhile, while Trump ‘refuses to be educated’ and China assumes climate leadership, new studies show island nations and poorer nations are footing the climaterisk bill. Haiti has topped the list of nations worst hit by extreme weather, while America is ranked 10th. Regardless, US lobbyists and business firms are using Bonn as a venue to strike deals and change the focus from clean energy to “cleaner, more efficient fossil fuels”.

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