Pockmarks of doom: GHG emissions from thawing permafrost could exacerbate extreme weather events

2 Arctic sites not freezing—even in winter

The next five years will be ‘anomalously warm’

The past four years were the warmest-ever recorded and the next five will be “anomalously warm”, beyond what global warming would produce on its own, says a new study, linking the added warming with earth’s natural “internal variability”.

2 Arctic sites not freezing—even in winter

New data from Arctic Alaska and Russia suggest some surface layers are no longer freezing. “If that continues, greenhouse gases from permafrost could accelerate climate change.” Scientists are tracking “what happens as carbon-rich land that has been frozen for centuries begins to thaw.”

US’s hidden Methane emissions

Fresh analysis of US government data has revealed hundreds of unregulated coal mines are releasing methane with a global warming impact equivalent to 13 million cars. The massive methane pollution is “largely unnoticed.”

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