Not climate-friendly though: Bolsonaro’s threat to pull Brazil out of the Paris deal reeks of economic shortsightedness

Brazil presidential frontrunner threatens to quit Paris deal

Brazil’s right-wing presidential frontrunner Jair Bolsonaro has threatened to quit the Paris deal if he wins in October. Home to the world’s largest rainforests, Brazil ratified Paris Accord through congress. Bolsonaro and his 3 politician sons call Paris deal a “globalist conspiracy.”

Australia shelves emission reduction targets amid calls to quit Paris Accord

Australia has shelved plans to adopt its 26% emissions cut target into law over bitter domestic politics despite currently suffering from its worst ever droughts, heat waves and bush fires. Its proposed National Energy Guarantee also hasn’t ruled out coal-fired power for what it views to be cheaper power supplies.

The govt.s’ adversaries may even pull Australia out of the Paris Agreement, but weakening the Agreement further could cost the country reportedly $126bn a year in adverse climate impacts.

Trump’s new emission norms ‘worse for climate change’

Trump’s new “Affordable Clean Energy” plan, to cut coal plant emissions could make climate change worse. Replacing Obama-era plan, the ACE allows states to set their own coal emission standards or get exemptions.

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