Promising, again: It remains to be seen if the upcoming NCAP spurs any effective action on the ground

After China, India to announce clean air plan

National Clean Air Pollution plan likely by August 15

Centre plans to announce National Clean Air Programme to curb air pollution in 102 cities by August 15. The plan will have three timelines to cut pollution by 35% in next 3 years, 50% in next 5 years and 80% in next 10 years. Centre is waiting for the World Bank to finalize its assistance.

Toxic Air To Blame For Lung Cancer; No Longer Just A Smoker’s Disease

In “a strong evidence” that links air pollution with lung cancer, a new study conducted in Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital has found that nearly 50% lung cancer patients had never smoked: smokers and non-smokers “represent equal number of lung-cancer patients”. “The obvious reason that comes to mind is air pollution, which contains smoke and PM 2.5,” doctor said.

Lancet study: Air pollution causes diabetes as well

Lancet Planetary Health research says air pollution also causes diabetes. The study shows even “safe” air quality levels, can cause diabetes. 1 out of 7 people developed diabetes because of air pollution. In 2016, 14% (3.2 million) new diabetes cases were reported because of air pollution.

Heart, lung disease deaths linked to indoor pollution

According to a new report, 2.5 billon billion, one in three households globally, are exposed to deadly indoor air pollution. “Growing evidence links indoor pollution to 2.6 million deaths from heart, lung, and other Diseases.”

Punjab’s Rs. 1,700 cr anti-pollution target

Punjab has launched Rs 1,700-crore plan to kill pollution: convert coal-based rolling mills to PNG, upgrade brick-kiln chimneys, dust collectors for poultry farms and grain markets, e-waste and bio-medical waste facilities, retro-fitting autos with gas kits and cutting water usage by textile industry.

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