Boiling over: Opposition to the Rampal project is getting stronger, with even the UN now deriding the plant

Sundarbans at risk; India’s 2030 emission intensity; Pakistan’s 100 billion trees plan

Sundarbans at risk: India-Bangladesh listening?

The upcoming India-Bangladesh coal plant along Sundarbans is facing fierce opposition as a “disaster” to the fragile ecosystem. Experts have warned Rampal Coal-Plant could prove to be major financial risk. UN has directed Bangladesh to drop the project near the world heritage mangroves. Others have recommended “better, cheaper” alternatives like solar electrification.

India emissions “will double by 2030, but be below today’s global average”

What would be emission intensity of India over the next decade? Recent study says, based on current energy policy, despite renewables growth, India’s CO2 energy-related emissions from 2012 levels would most likely double by 2030. By 2030, India’s per capita emissions will be below today’s global average.

Paris “rulebook”: Time running out?

Will the negotiators writing the “rulebook” for the Paris accord meet the December deadline? Negotiators last week published “tools” to help streamline the conflicting proposals; co-chairs said they need to “crank up the pace” as there’s only one more technical session in Bangkok next month before the main UN climate summit of the year in Katowice, Poland, where ministers would finalize the rulebook.

Climate Chief pushes to solve Climate Fund crisis

UN climate chief sought political intervention to save UN’s Green Climate Fund, month after the board meeting meltdown. Campaigners say, the recent EU-China joint statement has been a much needed boost, post the USA pulling out.

Blame Fossil Fuel industry, not “Human Nature”

Why we haven’t solved climate change yet? The latest NYT Magazine issue, analyzing early days of climate politics, blamed “human nature”. Critics say it’s the fossil fuel interests that killed the climate momentum, not “human nature”.

Climate finally part of India’s poll discourse?

Will climate issues be part of India’s 2019 election discourse? This article argues it’s just the time, as media and citizens have been forcing parties to come clean on their stand on pollution and climate issues.

Imran Khan: Will plant 10 billion trees

The newly elected Pakistan PM Imran Khan plans to plant 10 billion trees in 5 years, to combat climate change, expanding his party’s “billion tree tsunami” initiative in Khyber province. Imran had mocked previous government’s climate budget as a joke. However, domestic coal will continue to grow with the help of Chinese investment.

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