Better step back: Sea levels are now at unprecedented highs – something climate denial will only accelerate

Sea level at record high

2017 was the third warmest, ‘record high sea level’

2017 was the “warmest-ever” year, that didn’t feature El Niño (periodic warming of the Pacific). The year was third warmest, after 2016 and 2015. Sea level was at record high, coral bleaching was at its worst. Meanwhile, this 2018 heat report assesses the impact of heat wave on climate denial.

Earth may turn into unlivable “hothouse”

A group of scientists has warned that “domino effect” of climate events may tip the world towards a “hothouse” that is “4C warmer than pre-industrial times.”. “Passing such a point would make efforts to reduce emissions increasingly futile” as the temperatures would not be able sustain human life.

Heat wave deaths to rise by 2000%

New research says if countries fail to mitigate, heat wave deaths in 20 countries near equator would increase 2000% by 2080. They will “last longer, be more intense and frequent”. Meanwhile, in France, heat wave forces shutdown of 4 nuclear power plants over fears of a reactor meltdown.

‘Must protect ports from climate change’

Researches have warned that Indian ports must fortify themselves to prevent the impact of climate change. The study predicts that altered wind and wave conditions will increase erosion along the Paradip Port in east coast of India. Experts say the study should inform port management strategies.

Australia’s “worst drought in living memory”

Eastern Australia is witnessing “the worst drought in living memory”, its second-warmest summer (Dec-Feb) on record, and driest and warmest autumns (March-May) on record. Over 95% of New South Wales in drought, “has no end in sight.”

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