Back again? Industries seem to be taking advantage of tax loopholes to revert to carbon-heavy petcoke

Petcoke used via tax loophole

Supreme Court: Centre ‘sitting on’ Rs 77,000 crore fund

The Supreme Court rapped the Centre for “sitting” on funds worth Rs 77,000 crore meant for protection of the environment. If the funds were used, Delhi would not be facing air pollution, top court said. Centre collected Rs 91,000 crore as per court order, but “only Rs 14,000 crore has been spent.”

Delhi govt to get 1000 E-buses to reduce air pollution

Meanwhile, as promised in 2018-19 budget, Delhi government will get 1000 electric buses to fight air pollution. It approved hiring a consultant to run buses costing Rs 2.5 cr each.

India plants using petcoke “through tax loophole”

Cement plants and power stations are exploiting tax “loophole” and using dirty petcoke. While coal attracts a clean-energy levy that’s risen to 400 rupees/metric ton, petcoke has been exempt. Similar levy issues “have favoured petcoke over natural gas as well”.

Clean Air plan in 3 months?

Government may launch Rs-700 crore National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) within three months. “NCAP for 100 non-attainment cities will look into valid air quality monitoring network, and management programme.”

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