Many more needed: A warmer planet could make air-conditioning a critical requirement in developing nations

BRICS to discuss climate change; EU-China & EU-Japan commit to joint climate action; Over a billion could need efficient cooling

BRICS: Climate change to be discussed amidst Trump’s trade wars

At the upcoming BRICS summit in Johannesburg, “US unilateralism and protectionism under Trump” is expected to be one of the top agendas, says China’s top news broadcast channel. However the members will also discuss climate change. Ahead of the summit, BRICS bank NDB approved $300 million energy projects in S Africa and $300 million for a China metro. Experts say instead of tit-for-tat tariff war, US goods should be taxed based on their carbon footprint.

EU-China and EU-Japan include climate action in their bilaterals

After EU-China joint communication on Paris agreement at the Beijing bilateral, EU and Japan took climate action a step further by including Paris agreement in their free trade agreement. Inclusion of climate targets in bilateral free trade deal is a first for the world.

Over a billion could need “efficient air conditioning”

Over a billion people are at risk from lack of air conditioners and refrigerators as global warming increases temperatures. Most at risk include India, China, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Climate warning as Arctic opens up to shipping

Scientists have proposed strict measures to control ship traffic in the Arctic region, which is increasingly becoming ice-free because of global warming. Ships “pollute, spill oil and endanger marine mammals.”

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