Murkier undercurrents: Floods in India not only disrupt daily life but also account for 1/5th of global flood-related mortalities

CLIMATE CHANGE: 1/5th of all flood deaths in India; Grinding heatwave and floods, Sweden battles wildfires; First study to find human hand in changing seasons

1/5th of global flood deaths in India; After floods, Assam in drought

Government said, India accounts for one-fifth of global flood deaths. Between 1953-2017, over 1.07 lakh people died in floods. Experts are recalling recent World Bank warning on climate impacts.

Days after 30 people died in floods, Assam is facing severe heat and drought. Temperature nudged 40 C. “Drought-like situation”, in Morigaon district.

Sweden battles wildfires, deadly heatwave in cooler climates

Algeria to Arctic is caught in heatwave (despite the cooling La Nina phenomenon). Sweden sought help against raging wildfires across Arctic circle. The heat turned the UK brown. In Canada 70 people died from recent heat. Algeria’s Sahara Desert touched 51.3C, Oman saw “highest low” of 42.6C.

Experts say heat waves kill “where it’s hardest to cool off”. 2018 could be the fourth warmest year on record. Extreme weather seems to have become the new normal.

Climate Change Disrupting Seasons

A research for the first time formally established human hand in disrupting seasonal cycle of temperatures. Greenhouse gases are “altering seasonal cycle, resulting in greater contrast between hottest and coldest time of the year.”

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