Chhattisgarh leans on citizen science and participatory decision making to combat toxic air

State Health Resource Center (SHRC), Chhattisgarh is implementing a unique pilot in two polluted districts (Raipur and Korba) of the State to strengthen the health systems and prepare them to respond to Air pollution related health problems. Their approach integrates citizens science and community health workers’ role in raising awareness on air pollution and health. 

SHRC in collaboration with Healthy Energy Initiative India and the health department is also working towards setting up a network of 150 low cost monitors in polluted regions to provide real-time air quality and health information to communities throughout the State. A part of the Air Pollution and Health program, in the first phase – 500 doctors and 6000 community health workers “mitanins” will be trained and engaged in raising awareness on air pollution and health impacts.

A unique pilot project by the Chhattisgarh SHRC to address the public health implication of toxic air

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