Meet the Mitanin- Korba’s new air pollution warrior

Korba is a classic example of an industrial sacrifice zone and the district is a testimony to the stark environmental and health impacts of developmental projects like mining and power plants. State Health Resource Center (SHRC), Chhattisgarh is implementing a unique pilot in Korba to strengthen the health systems and prepare them to respond to Air pollution related health problems.

The focus is to train the mitanins or the community health workers as a messenger on air pollution and health. Mitanins are also trained in monitoring air pollution and communicating the impacts of poor air on the health of the community, particularly on women and children.

Their approach integrates citizens science, gender and community health workers’ role in raising awareness on air pollution and health.

Chhattisgarh’s SHRC is using citizen science and participatory decision making to address the public health impacts of toxic air

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